Worst Movie Ever

This is truly a dumb story

Worst Movie Ever
By LPatenaude

Guy 1: Is this a great movie or what
Guy 2: yeah but-
Guy 1: I told you this is better than playing Candy Land.
Guy 2: yeah and I need too-
Guy 1: would you stop talking! Some of us are trying to watch the movie!
Guy 2: But –
Guy 1: No!!!! I don’t want to here it
Guy 2: -Use the restroom.
Guy 1: Oh sure go ahead. But I ain’t telling what You missed. My mom said I have to be in bed by 7:30
Guy 2: You still live with your mom!?
Guy 1: …
Guy 2: …
Guy 1: just go

In The Hallway

Homeless Man: want me too shine your shoe sir.
Guy 2: I’m wearing sneakers.
Homeless Man: Why ya got to be so mean to me. Everytime man. Wish I was invisible.
Guy 2: …oook

In The Public Restroom

Guy 2: ughh finally-
Crazy Guy With No Arms: sup
Guy 2: Hey?
Crazy Guy: Crap! I can’t go unless someone holds this for me
Guy 2: please not me-please not me please not-
Crazy Guy: Hey you help me out here( in a non-gay way)
Guy 2: me ?
Crazy Guy: yeah
Guy 2: well okay
Guy 2 In His Mind: well if I’m holding it I might as well look at it.
Crazy Guy:( pulls his arms out of his sleeves ) I don’t know but I’m not touching it.
Guy 2: I knew I should have played Candy Land. Stupid Guy 1 and he’s evil manipulating ways.

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    You said April 5th. still cool

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